The pleasant leisure time of the summer holiday is slowly coming to its end. Our Russian and Abyssinian cats are enjoying the hot and sunny days. Our Lara had entered the competition of adult cats and after three successful shows she gained the title of CHAMPION. Congratulations - we are happy for her.


I am happy that after some time since the nostalgic Christmas time I can once again announce the first successful entry of our Lara into the world of contests. Lara presented herself in Ostrov nad Ohri, CZ at an international cat show and was successful. In the kitten class she was awarded V1 and was even named the best RUS of the day – BIV (best of variety).

Not even such success can compensate for our great sorrow that we lost our RUS tom cat.


Thank you all who visit our website in the middle of the Christmas season. Strong health and enough rest time to you in the new year 2010!


Today we gave our small RUS tom cat to his new family. Lanny moved to Slany, CZ and enjoys all the cat fun he can at home of very pleasant people. To Lanny and his new owners we wish a wonderful life together.


Our Un Abbraccio is  I N T E R C H A M P I O N. Congratulation!!!


Here are our new kittens Lara and Lanny. They are very funny.




Today we received the results of a genetic test of our RUS male Un Abbraccio. Both Un Abbraccio and Cobra are wildtyp/non-carrier (the result is CC).



Finally it's here!!! Our Cobra and Un Abbraccio have two beautiful kittens. Both the girl and the boy are full of life. Cobra is a wonderful and caring mother while the father Un Abbraccio does not care much about his fluffy kids. But of course, he loves Cobra very much:) 


Hot news! We expect a new litter of RUS. The birth will take place at the beginning of September but the kittens will not be for breeding. All those interested in a nice kitten for playing and cuddling can book their future friend right now. Also we are happy about the success of our Un Abbraccio who gained in Bratislava not only the title CACIB but he also got to the nomination.


This is how our Un Abbraccio was enjoying the show in Pribram. He has his first CACIB title and he also got BIV and NOM. In the final he failed thanks to his chubbiness. So nothing else remains to do but lose weight, lose weight and lose weight. We will see next time…



We have a Champion at home!!! At the Most show our Un Abbraccio presented all his beauty and both days won CAC, BIV and NOM. He was admired by both exhibitors as well as visitors for his good behavior and cuddly nature. Congratulations to him and many thanks to my friend Gabca for her admirable care both days. 


 So it´s here!!! Our RUS male entered among adult cats today. Un Abbraccio shone
 and got CAC , BIV , BIS , BOB III on the National show in Teplá,CZ.

Choice Best of Best ( BOB ) 


 After a long break we have news for you. Our ABY male parted with his breeding role and
 became a castrato. I wish him a calm and quiet live, full of love. There is no better lover than our


We have birthday again! I remember Jasmin from the litter "J", which reached the title CHAMPION. I’m very happy and thank Mr. and Mrs. Choma from Žilina for their perfect care for Jasmin. Jupiter (RUS male) lives in Poland in a cattery and is getting ready for his future role of a breeding tom cat. Julien and Justin live happy and peaceful life in their new families.


The first birthday of our Abyssinian kittens (litter “I” - March 5th 2008) is coming! The little Issa, in the care of Mr. Drexler (https://queen-bastet-an.webgarden.cz/), made here first steps in her future career of a breeding cat. On 1st March she reached the third CAC title and became a CHAMPION! Congratulations. We wish a lot of beautiful and good-natured kittens. Ilian and Izzy enjoy a very comfortable life of castrated tom-cats in the company of a kind lady.

Issa 1 year


The Sunday show in Plzeň (Pilsen) was for our Russian Blue tom cat the last one in the junior group. Once more, he got BIV and V1. It is still true that before joining the adult tom cats club he should get a bit slimmer and grow up the “body and soul”.


I want to thank you all who regularly come back to our website. After a longer “before and after” Christmas break I have some news for you. Our Cora, the Abyssinian blonde, finished her motherly life and enjoys the peace and quiet of an older castrated cat.

The Russian tom cat Un Abbraccio behaved very well at the today’s show in Plzeň (Pilsen). When judged against the other Russians he was awarded BIV , V1 and in his category he even qualified in NOM BIS.


The Olomouc cat show showed that our Un Abbraccio is a great eater. He must work more on his body´s harmony. In short, he is just an unfinished guy competing with the slender figures of beautiful ladies. So he got EX1 twice, but no NOM to BIS. Contgrats to the little ladies!


Un Abbraccio has got the first BIS !!! The cat show in Nitra was comfortable and peaceful. Our little RUS male got EX1 and BIS on Saturday, EX1 and BIV on Sunday. He couldn´t compete on variety on Saturday, because he was alone.


Our little Un Abbraccio is growing very fast. At the cats show in Pardubice, CZ he was admired very much and the judge awarded him the titles EX 1 and BIV.  

Judge Mr. Eric Reijers


Today our Abyssinian tomcat Kilian came back home and so we are looking for a new loving family for him. His past owner couldn’t take care of him any more so he came back. Little Kilian is very nice and cuddly. He is fully vaccinated including leucosis; he is dewormed, has a chip and a passport. Please contact us if you would like to have this wonderful kitten).


In this quiet autumn evening I was thinking about history. What else could the topic be than the felines. With astonishment I look at the perfection of the nature. Unfortunately the original species on the Earth are gradually vanishing. A pity, isn't it?

Birthday in Prague


    We have 4-month birthday! The celebration took place in Prague in the Congress Center – nowhere else but at a cats show. Un Abbraccio presented himself as a real stager and fully enjoyed the admiration of other Russian Blue breeders. He won EX 1 and BIV+NOM. He didn’t get over the Burmese competitor and once more he was second. Just you wait guys, next time it is our turn:)

The Premiere Show


Uf, uf, our little Un Abbraccio has the premiere over. He coped with the first cat show wonderfully. His quiet and nice character enchanted the judges and our tiny baby won BIV, EX 1 and even was preferred when choosing for NOM. Only drawing a lot decided when the number of votes was equal and the winner was a Burmese tom cat. Congratulations!

Báči a Rolf Vohringer (18.10.08)

Judge Mr. Rolf Vohringer

Web Site Launched


    Today we finished our web site and launched it in a test version. Please excuse any deficiencies. We would love to know your opinion or any comment. Many thanks to Mr. Drexler (https://queen-bastet-an.webgarden.cz/) without whom we would never start our own website. He helped to make the decision; he also regularly offered his thoughtful advice when creating the site. We also thank for his willingness to use his pictures.


New Kid on the Block


  We have a new Russian tom cat called Un Abbraccio. He is very nice and cuddly, great eater and loves toys. Many thanks to Ms. Claudia Haslinger from Austria for perfect upbringing.

New Owners


  Many thanks to all new owners of the kittens from our breeding station for their great care for our “kids”. Congratulations to Jasmin (Russian Blue), who presented herself already at three cat shows; twice she was nominated to BIS and once she won! Jupiter (Russian tomcat) achieved V1 at a show in Poland and Issa (Abyssinian she-cat) also won V1 – twice.